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The purpose for creating my educational programs are to teach Positive Parenting skills to those who dream of one day producing a perfect baby.  Incorporating these concepts requires commitment to study and self-improvement activities. The mother and the pre-natal conditions arranged for the child determines the destiny of a nation.  This program recognizes that both “pair-ents” father and mother working harmoniously with each other can do more to foster the reform so urgently needed in the world, than all the social institutions combined. Mothers and/or fathers who are co-pairenting their children but are not currently in a relationship with each other are also welcome, along with the strong support team of “community” i.e. caring family, friends, and teachers are also welcomed to learn.

The emotions we carry are often that of our "pair-ents". How our mother's emotions during pregnancy, including the relationship between her and our father influences the way we deal with stress.  It helped to form whether our character building will be strong or weak as we live out our lives.  It matters not our economical status, our racial make-up, or demographics, or whether it was a birth planned and natural, or through interventions and emergency cesarean.

Explore your life as it is now and the life of your parents. Paying close attention to the conditions of your own life in utero and the conditions of your parents emotions and the womb of your mother.  It will bring such a realization of just why you are the way you are. Tears from the emotions may come unexpectedly and often with gratitude because now you have help in understanding more about yourself.  

You will have more awareness through our series of classes, workshops, or consultations of why our choices to be a parent or as a parent, should be well thought out because it will affect those lives of those yet to be born. Proper decision making in regards to having a healthier approach to life or choosing "high-risk" behaviors, should be made with a conscious mind based on the knowledge that one has received. This is all to say that my passion about "birth work" is not limited. It reaches beyond the birthing field to people who need a wholistic health education to know about themselves: mentally, physically, spiritually, and physically.




Prenatal Program: Mothers Counting On Pregnancy

Mothers Counting On Pregnancy


Parenting Program: Key Steps For Parenting By The Numbers

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Wholistic Health Education & Healthy Nutritional Awareness Program. Food For Thought Self-Development Balancing: 1-9



Re-Introducing old familiar favorites in a new style with "Healthy Nutritional Awareness" of nutrients that strengthens mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically supporting the immune system for recovering one's energy. Its a challenge these days to get seniors and youth to understand the connection between food, health, and disease.  This is an engaging educational experience.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Self-Development Balancing: 1-9



FOR ALL WORKSHOPS: On-Site Consultations add $25.00 to selection

Sharing information that personalizes health bringing balance to vibrational energy.  "On-site" shopping, and/or restaurant outtings is to identify food items and/or other materials for personal self development. Education includes the ancient arts of vibrational balancing. 


All decisions made to utilize the information on this website is strictly your own. This is an educational website only whose focus is on maternal & baby health through prevention education. The information contained on this website  does not constitute as medical advice, and in no way encourages or supports decisions to abandon medication or regimens prescribed by your doctor. The information is shared with the understanding that each person accepts complete responsibility for their own health and well-being. The results of any techniques suggested on this website cannot always be anticipated and never guaranteed. The Administrator, Instructor or members associated with this website is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of remedies, procedures, techniques, or preparations included in When You Teach A Woman, You Teach A Nation, Pre-Birth Vision. Always consult with your inner guidance. The information contained in each assignment package is not intended to be used as a medical diagnosis or prescription for any physical or mental ailments. Anyone seeking medical advice should personally meet with a qualified health care practitioner. For any mental or physical illness or discomforts, it is the participant’s responsibility to do research & seek the advice of a professional healer, physician, qualified mental or physical health care practitioner. All Rights Reserved. No illustrations or designs in this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form for any purposes, without prior permission in writing from: L’dia Men-Na’a 




What Is A Health Educator?  

My Health Education status was acquired by graduating from National Holistic Health Institute, Massage Therapist and Health Education Training in Emeryville, California.

Health educators promote wellness and healthy lifestyles. Covering a wide range of topics, teaching individuals, families, and communities about behaviors that encourage healthy living and prevent diseases and other problems. Health educators begin by assessments of the student or client and planning a program that suits their needs. Then, they implement the program and evaluate its success by doing evalutations and surveys.  

My focus as an Accredited Wholistic Health Educator involves working with families from all walks of life and experiences.

To educate them about: pre-conception, planned conception, pre-birth parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care, and positive ways to parent.  Also information is shared and explored about how these experiences during womb time, as well as what was thought about during pregnancy, being born, and early childhood influences may have a profound effect on future life.

My original professional training as a Doula, Wholistic Health Educator/Massage Therapist, and Midwife Apprenticeship, is my "birth work" which I am very passionate about.   It's weaved into everyday conversations whether it's grocery shopping, or teaching, people are curious to hear about what has "marked" them. The target audience has been from ages 10 through 80 years old. Elementary through Senior Citizen Centers.  Whether it's teaching about managing our Anger to create peace and harmony, Abstinence, Substance Abuse and Abstinence, Sexually Transmitted Infections & HIV+ Prevention, Positive Parenting or Senior Healthy Nutrition, it always comes back to how we were born, how we developed, and how our health is affected.