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Learning about Quartz from Life Science Instructor, Kwame Sunhorse


Naica Crystal Cave - Mexico 1/5 www.youtube.com


Natural quartz is composed of silicon dioxide molecules. The arrangements of atoms in quartz vibrate causing it to be a receptor & emitter of electromagnetic waves. Holding a crystal when you meditate connects you with this electrical energy, it’s the same material that is transformed into silicon chips used in communication devices such as: computers, cell phones, radios, watches.

Crystals are used for mental clearing of the mind & calibration of the body balancing chakra energy fields. Crystals also create a protective and healing vibration in one’s environment. In ancient Kemet (Egypt) dating back from 2000 BC documents record medical cures using crystals. On Turtle Island (The Americas) crystals were used for ceremonial & healing purposes. India is noted for using crystals for healing & meditation by placing crystals on the 7 chakra centers of the body, the electrical currents would help balance the flow of energy. The Olmec/Mayans used quartz crystals for diagnosis & treatment of disease. Crystals are said to counteract the negative effects of planetary positions. Crystals & gemstones can be placed in a medicine bag . Sometimes they are carved in the shape of animals. Stones can be worn as jewelry.

Vibrational Balancing Through Crystals & Feathers Pesonal Benefits Of Energy By The Numbers That One May Experience According To: One's Inner Child, Life Path & Personal Month Vibrations:




Quartz Crystals and Gemstones are mentioned in many sacred texts often worn in the breastplate of the prophets. It is said that the stones give insight and healing energy to it's wearer.

  • [_] Crystal balls: Known as windows of purification, rounding off the rough edges of one's energy field.
  • [_] Double terminated crystals: Protective, useful for meditation and stabilizing effects.
  • [_] Generator crystals: Revitalizes. Stimulating the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. It cleanses the chakras with radiant light, removing disturbances and instability.
  • [_] Record Keeper crystals: Much wisdom is stored in this stone. It carries the universal secrets allowing one to reach higher knowledge for the purpose of peace and love.


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