Fathers Having Vision

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Fathers Having Vision And A Mission
How to create the perfect baby,
How to give birth to a god-consciousness youth

A father is a Guardian Angel & a child's first hero. Children look up to their fathers. A father is to cultivate them and to protect them until they are mature enough to stand on their own feet.

FATHERS ARE THE GUARDIANS AND THE HEROES The creation of children is a social responsibility. Children are a gift to the community. It is the most positive contribution that mother and father can make to the community and the world by socializing psycholgically and socially wholesome children: mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Mothers inspires visions and builds the child's intuitive nature. She has the strongest influence on the child from conception to 10 years of life. Father's influence is strongest while building the youth's mental natures and problem solving abilities from the ages of 10-18 years of age. "As 'Father', the Black man is not just somebody you chase around for support payments. He is the embodiiment of spiritual ideas; he is the embodiment of the self-sufficiency that enables us to survive; he is the embodiment of the ambition it takes to achieve success; he is the embodiment of the discipline needed to accomplish goals."

Queen Of The Planet Earth, The Rebirth & Rise Of The Original Woman By Ava Muhammad

Men Thoughts During Pregnancy

THOUGHTS DURING PREGNANCY Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, & Physical Thoughts of Men: DeWayne Martin, Kelvin Walston,

Ajamu Banjoko Mental: Hopefully my son is more intelligent than I was. I would like for him to be more intelligent and more in tune with exposure to our Africanness, our diverse culture and heritage and were going to expect him to accomplish this. Hes going to know folks that looked like him created the pyramids.

Kelvin We will have overwhelming support from our family. We want our child to be connected to the grands and to understand the family history and lineage by spending time with those individuals. This way our child will have an affirmation of love, and of whom he is in relationship to his parents. Our families have shown a lot of support for my wife and myself as individuals so our son will receive the same support and then some. Its important because that support will help to cultivate our sons confidence and self esteem in himself. For those who do not have a lot of family support good support can come through churches, teachers, coaches.

DeWayne Emotional: I find my wife very attractive pregnant and so I have just enough connectedness, if not more. DeWayne You can still enjoy sex throughout pregnancy. It affected her perception of how she appeared to me. I would constantly remind her of how beautiful she is inside and out. I constantly tell her how good a job shes doing during the pregnancy. She made me feel special because I felt she was giving me a gift by giving me a child. Sex for pregnant woman is vital. It helps with the birthing process. It helps with the stretching of the cervix and vagina. Sex becomes more practical than just for pleasure. We have to coordinate.

Ajamu: Sex is different during pregnancy. There are some physical challenges. Mates body goes through changes and we have to adjust. Have to find the attraction in the new frame and dont want to hurt the baby. Im gentler now. I feel more like caressing and comforting her by creating an atmosphere to let her know that I love her.

Kelvin Spiritual: That were working harmoniously with nature. Theres a connectedness with my child. Its half of my genetics coming through. DNA from our grandparents. This is a part of me that the Creator blessed us to reproduce.

Ajamu Physical: No birth defects. That the birth is not too dramatically draining or fatiguing to her so that she won’t want to go through it again. I dont want it to play out like that.

DeWayne: Gainfully employed to take care of financial responsibilities and not be working so much so that I cant give of my physical self. Fathers work so much that mother spends much of the time with the youth. It causes friction in the relationship. I dont want my wife to feel like shes doing it alone. Burping, feeding, cleaning, holding baby correctly. Getting car seats bath tubs, etc. Kelvin

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