A Father's Touch

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A Father's Touch

Acupressure For Breech Relief

Strong affirmations and visual images of babies in the vertex babies (babies in head down position) posted around the room helps to give inspiration. Talking to the baby often about coming out vertex gives the baby clear messages and information to work on. Baby may feel a need for special attention and wants to be close to mother's heart.  If the problem is due to the relationship of mother and father, or financial worries, then both parents should speak to the baby before birth, to assure the baby that whatever the external circumstances are, it will be loved and cared for. During a difficult labor holding the toes will bring some relief and take the edge off contractions.

Check with your midwife or care provider regarding acupressure and acupuncture trigger points and turning breech babies.

Back Massage

Massaging the back

Having contractions in the back can be the most challenging labor for mothers. Long strokes and firm pressure helps to bring ease and comfort. Traditional usage of lavender essential oil massaged on muscles helps to release tension.

During the weeks before labor if mother is experience constant back pain, have the midwife, nurse or doctor palpate her abdomen to see what position the baby is in. It's very common for baby's in the posterior position to cause severe back pain during labor.  It's best to get into positions during pregnancy to turn the baby so as to avoid unnecessary pain during childbirth.

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